Becoming a Blogger – Take #201
Becoming a blogger

Becoming a Blogger – Take #201

Becoming a blogger is your dream. You have skills that, if shared, would enhance the lives of thousands of people. The only problem is

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For a Balanced Home – Adjust your work style!

For a Balanced Home – Adjust your work style!

The adjustment of ones work and living style could be determined by a simple evaluation of your needs.

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Mom V. Life | Building SuperMoms

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Welcome to Mom V. Life
Thanks for stopping by. We really appreciate it!
Mom V. Life is about teaching you the skills to take on life and win. Our goal is simple… help YOU (and a million other Moms just like you) achieve whatever it is you are looking for – whether it’s financial security, more time with your kids, or more happiness in your life. We want you to be able to look your kids, family and friends in the eye with pride and tell them that you have made it. To inspire you as to what is possible check out this Mom in this short video.

Now we know that you might not be able to NOW do any of the stuff this amazing Mom did……but we promise you that if you stick with us we will take you by the hand and show you step by step exactly how you can achieve something similar. All you have to do is sign up to our emails in the sign up box opposite and we’ll help you take it from there.

Success is OUR Business

your best self

Your Success is Our Success

I want to help you be the best YOU can be. That is why I want to connect with you.
Tell me your fears, your struggles, and even your successes. By sharing what has (and hasn’t) worked for you we can help other moms find their way.
Women are so much stronger when we stand united. Doesn’t matter if you are single, working, or a stay at home – we are all moms first……..and we have themost important job on the planet……taking care of our loved ones and making a difference.

Connecting with Moms

Mom V. Life came about because I have two loves – writing and helping people. After spending time providing content for others, I realized I would rather help people with my writing directly as opposed to writing about how to keep your pipes from freezing, or comparing models of treadmills.
I want to make connections with women who want the same things for their families that I do.
I prefer to call myself a stay at home mom, when in reality I am a work at home mom.
I stay at home with my kids, a grown mentally handicapped son, a kindergartener, and a soon to be teenage stepdaughter. I have been a stay (work) at home mom for close to 6 years now.
I have found that for my family I have been able to make more money staying home with my family than I was ever able to make earning a living for a ‘boss’. Before this though, my life has been no bed of roses. You can read my story here.

Our Passion

happy moms I have an intense passion to see other moms become the very best they can be. I believe with all my heart that when it comes to work and family we can have our cake and eat it too. My passion comes from being caught between two schools of thought. I believe whole-heartedly that the gender roles of women worked for hundreds of years for a reason.
In general terms women are genetically more skilled at certain things. (I don’t see any man raising his hand in excitement asking to experience childbirth.) While men have a genetic disposition to other areas.
I also believe that women are much more talented and resilient than most men have given us credit for. “Gee Whiz you mean to tell me behind that pretty smile is a brain?? Who woulda thunk it?” While our traditional gender roles are more important than many women would like to admit, we also have other skill sets that have been ignored or glossed over for generations. Chief among those skill sets is a proclivity toward business matters.
I want to help other women become better financially prepared for their families. I do not want to see any woman who has the desire and drive to work and stay at home not be able to for lack of knowledge. I want to pass on what I have learned; I want you to become the SuperMom you were always meant to be.